Thursday, February 12, 2009

Today's chapter, in which Carolynn totally loses track of what's going on in the world..

Ok, short post here. I got up early, got all the paperwork together (after my ever-lovin husband copied it all last night), put it in a nice folder, and prepared the house to be gone. I yelled at my husband because I needed him to do some stuff since my Mom was supposed to be here this afternoon, and I needed his help. My Dad called and I had to tell him I would call him back later--sorry.

So then I drove downtown (after a quick stop for coffee) and pulled into the parking lot for the state office building. I noticed, as I was pulling into the parking lot that there weren't many cars there. Hmm...

Ok, so haul all my stuff out (the stuff to apostille, the papers that I'm going to grade while I'm waiting, my phone, coffee, etc.) and walk around this very large building to the front door.

Most of you probably know what I is Lincoln's Birthday and the state offices are closed. No apostilles. Bleah. All that stress on myself and family for nada. And how is it that I am just so clueless about this today? Focus in the wrong place, perhaps? (she asks rhetorically)

So a lesson here? of course. God is trying to teach me to stop stressing about all this and just let go. I know in my head that it will all be ok, but I keep trying to do things on my timetable.

Good thing: I got to have lunch with my Mom instead of sitting in the state offices today. Bad thing: still have all those papers to grade!

Happy Lincoln's Birthday, everybody!


Kristine and John said...

Ugh!!! How disappointing. I am so sorry. Ok- is it anyone's Birthday tomorrow? FYI- Monday is Washington's Birthday.

So Sorry!

Ondrea Harrison said...

hey, try as I might, i cannot figure out how the heck people reply to a blog comment... dang technology.

ok, shirring is sort of the look of smocking, but way easier and faster, you basically sew with elastic thread and it gathers everything up nicely... very fun!:) You should try it... there is a web-site with a tutorial... it's called Portabello Pixie and the section is called shirring madness.

Sorry about the state... that is so frustrating... and very much something that would happen to me.

Jackie said...

Carolynn- if it makes you fel any better... I totally forgot about that holiday as well. Definitely hard to remember when most of the world does not have off for that day..... I would have done the same thing... I bet I checked my mail that day too!