Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mardi Gras good news--***Edited***

The dossier is at the agency in Russia. C says that they're already translating it. Thank you God for positive news on this Mardi Gras day!

Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Blessings and happiness to all of you today--may the good times indeed roll on.

---I just got the "official" word from our home study agency about what is going on with them. Russia found that they were missing Post Placement reports from our agency for 4 families. The agency has records that show they submitted all the PPRs for 3 of these families. Somehow they weren't caught by Russia or got lost in the paperwork shuffle, or something like that. The agency is in the process of resubmitting this paperwork as we speak.

The fourth family is a different animal. These people moved out of the state, and didn't do their last post-placement. Our agency has plans to get this done (probably with another agency inthat state) within a 2 week time frame, and submitted to Russia as soon as possible after that.

However, the big problem is how long it is going to take Russia to sort this all out and process it once it gets there. I'm frustrated by this part, but ultimately I know that I can't do anything to change it.

And, while I understand that things just "happen" to all of us, I am incredibly frustrated by the family who failed to complete their last post-placement and has placed us all in this situation. With all that has happened in this country with adoptions and paperwork craziness, don't they understand how incredibly important it is that these things get DONE?
Ok, enough venting for now. I hope that all of you dealing with these situations have agencies that are being as helpful in explaining what's going on as ours has been.


Kristine and John said...

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Thank you God!!!

Jackie said...

I am glad your dossier is being translated! That is good it will be ready to go. I hope they are able to process the post placement of that one couple quickly!

Amy said...

Glad to hear about the dossier. Did your agency suggest getting an update from another "approved" agency? Not sure which would be quicker....

Carolynn and Steve said...


Our agency actually told us not to panic--they're going to wait until they see this whole situation in effect in Russia, and they haven't seen any problems--yet. We just have to wait and see. I've asked the question of our homestudy agency, and am waiting on an answer from them on this question.

Troy and Rachel said...

Your going to have a referral in no time. I hope your home study agency can get the PPRs all straightened out. It is frustrating when you hear of families not complying because it makes adoption overseas that much harder.

Joy said...

This is good news. I will pray that it does not take much time to get off the list.

Kim said...

Great news! Oh happy day! Bring on the referral!



Kristine and John said...

I was so happy to hear your news about your progress. I am so happy for your guys and will continue to pray that your referral will come soon! Can't wait to hear more!!!!