Monday, October 4, 2010

Just a normal Sunday here at Casa Burbee (Pictures)

Yesterday was busy, but in retrospect it was just a normal day.  Karina and I played with Mary in the nursery during Sunday School (well, most of Sunday School---they had snacks before Sunday School and the K Monster ate 2 muffins, plus part of Daddy’s coffeecake):

October 3 2010 001

October 3 2010 012

Then, yesterday afternoon there was a hayride and a bonfire---Miss K had a hot dog that Daddy cooked for her on a STICK (one of our words) and came home covered in chocolate and hayride glory:

October 3 2010 b 002

Zucchini drumming---it’s a new kind of music:

October 3 2010 b 012  October 3 2010 b 011

Whew!  Long day! Glad I’m a TIGER! 

October 3 2010 b 013

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