Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Girls’ Day Out…somehow Miss K is typing….?

Hi Everybody!  I decided that I can push buttons on this thing like Mommy and Daddy and tell you about my exciting trip with Mommy.  Tuesday Mommy had to go to Springfield so that she could visit the orthodontist (who is mean and makes her teeth hurt :-)  She decided (with some prompting from Auntie Susan) to take me with her.

We left Monday evening and spent the night at Brad and Susan’s new house.  I got to pet Chabba the dog and see her bed bed bed (I should probably mention here that when I say some words I sound like I am from the deep South.  “Dog” is one of them.  When I say it, I sound like Foghorn Leghorn.  Think “Daaaawgh”.  Ok back to the story).  Then I played with Brad and Susan and then I slept (eventually) in Jack’s big bed.  I had fun.  I’m not sure that Mommy slept alot, though.

In the morning I got up super-early (because I was excited) and decided that the first thing I wanted to do was try on the cow costume that Auntie Susan was passing on to me from one of the boys:

Oct 5 2010 001

Oct 5 2010 008

It is still a little big, but I don’t care---it was nice and snuggly.  Mommy said it made my drinking milk very ironic:

Oct 5 2010 010

After that, we got dressed and Auntie Susan and I took Mommy to the tooth guy.  Then Auntie Susan took me to hair lady and she cut my bangs.

Then we picked up Mommy, had brunch and then went shopping for SHOES.   SHOES is one of my favorite words.  I love them, and I love the shoe store.  I tried on LOTS of shoes and some fun boots, too:

Oct 5 2010 011

I also found a cool thing in some of the shoe box packing that makes the neatest hat—don’t you think?

Oct 5 2010 014 Oct 5 2010 017

Giving Auntie Susan a kiss:

Oct 5 2010 019

Oh, and then I was having so much fun that I danced in the shoe store:

After that, we did even MORE shopping at the mall, I took a nap in my stroller (in Coldwater Creek), and then we went to the party store for stuff.  Finally, we went back to Auntie Susan’s and Uncle Brad’s house, where I got to see the chickens in the neighbor’s backyard:

Oct 5 2010 023

Oct 5 2010 027

Oooops—better go!  Mommy’s headed this way and I’m supposed to be asleep!  Shhh!

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