Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A BUSY Tuesday….

We spent yesterday morning at the Doctor’s office---a new Doctor, since we moved this summer, but we like him very much.  All looks good as of right now for Miss K---she has GROWN and is now ON THE GROWTH CHARTS for height and weight (we were just barely on the height chart at 18 months, and not at all on the weight chart).  Granted, we’re still at the bottom of the charts, but it’s good news! 

The only “bads” from yesterday were that (1) K had to have 3 shots to be up to date on her vaccines and (2) the doctor wanted to check her liver levels “just to be sure” that all was ok, which meant a blood sample—and not a finger stick, but the needle in the arm one.  The shots were quick, but for the blood draw we had to go to the lab.  The lab tech was very nice, but she had a hard time (too hard for Mommy’s taste!) hitting the vein.   Through all of this, K was a trooper.  She cried while they were sticking her, but after it was all over she was just mad---and that dissipated pretty quickly once we were out of the building.  After the doctor we went out for lunch—and she celebrated with ketchup and french fries:

October 19 2010 B 012

October 19 2010 B 013

Here are K and Daddy mugging for the camera:

October 19 2010 B 007

October 19 2010 B 009

It always makes a girl feel better when Daddy flies her around the kitchen like “Superman”!

Oct 19 2010 010

Oct 19 2010 007

Miss K enjoys playing “go to sleep”---she’ll drag one of us in her room, shut the door, turn on the lullaby music on the CD player, and then make us lie down in the floor where she covers us up with a blanket.  She then says “sh!” and “nite-nite” and sometimes lies down herself. 

The new version of this from last night was that she pulled out the jammies from her drawer and we dressed Dolly and Elmo and Cookie Monster up in her jammies:

Oct 19 2010 001

She wasn’t at all pleased about me taking this picture---it was almost like dealing with Sean Penn and the paparazzi taking pictures of his kids.  She stood in front of me, said “NO” and took the lens cap and put it back on the camera.  Maybe she wanted to protect Elmo and Cookie Monster’s privacy???

Oct 19 2010 002 

Later, we decided to take a walk with Elmo---still in her pajamas:

October 19 2010 B 016

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Troy and Rachel said...

First off Happy Belated Birthday to Miss K!!! Secondly - congrats to being on the charts!! Nothing like ketchup & french fries to help get over the whole needle blood draw yucks!!