Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sweet 16---a little phlegmy, but ok

Today is Karina’s 16 month Birthday.  I had planned on taking some “fancier” pictures, but she woke up last night with the beginnings of a cold—so, we’re just hanging out at home today, wiping her nose, watching the Muppets (right now, the Muppets version of the Frog Prince on an old VHS tape—the original with “sweetums” as the ogre)and staying warm.  We’re ok—no fever, just a cold with a red nose, and hopefully better soon!

feb 17 2010 b 001 edited









I should introduce you to someone very important in these pictures.  This is (tah-dah!) Slicky Bunny.  Well, technically, this is Slicky Bunny’s sister, Slicky Bunny.

  feb 17 2010 b 005 edited






Slicky Bunny was one of the first things that I bought for Karina—a long time ago, when we were very early in the process.  She lived in our bedroom for a long time, since I had read that you should take something over for an adoptive child that smells like you and your house so that they can get used to the smell.  Well, there were several nights that the bunny and I snuggled and prayed for things to work out as God wanted them to!

When we got ready to leave on trip 1, I decided that the bunny would definitely be one of the things that went with us.  In case she was left behind in Russia, I ordered a second bunny that was much like her, so we would have a back up at home.  K was not really all that interested in her until trip 3---when she became an indispensible part of our going to sleep routine:

Big Camera Christmas Eve 2009 013










Karina would rub the “silky” lining of the bunny on her face, and then suck the three fingers of her left hand.  She still does this every once in awhile (especially if she’s been upset or over-tired) but much less than she used to.  In fact, I just looked over and saw that SB has fallen to the floor---not needed right now.  Hopefully that means that K is feeling better!


Dennis & Nicole said...

i didn't realize how close our kiddos were in age....they had to have definitely been in the same grupa and i'm sure we saw here there during our visits!!! if i knew this, i must have forgotten. anyways, glad to see you guys are doing well, even though she is a little under the weather. is she teething? we are still waiting for logan's molars to come seems like a neverending process! maybe we can chat more offline...would love to see how they compare, seeing they came from the same home/grupa and are the same age. take care :)

Troy and Rachel said...

I hope she gets to feeling better soon.

I loved her Valentine's photos and the ones of you and her on the couch in your red shirts are totally precious - you shoud frame those!!

Hua said...

Hey Carolyn,

I'm sorry to hear that Karina is showing the signs of a cold. Hopefully she'll start feeling better soon!

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