Thursday, February 4, 2010


In the last picture I posted, K looks more like a sheepdog than she does a little girl.  These are more from that same night:

Jan 29, 2010 017 edited Jan 29, 2010 041 edited

This is partly because, when we met her in September, her hair (especially her bangs) was incredibly short:


I thought she looked like Moe.  But in a good way. (Please, no comments about MY hair, or the fact that I look like I haven’t slept in several days---I hadn’t, but I have since then! :-))

So, we’ve been glad to see her hair growing out.  However, due to the sheepdog pictures, and the fact that she won’t put up with bows or pony tails in her hair (they get yanked out, unless we use those really tiny rubber bands that they put on dogs!)

Karina Jan 19 2010 014

(Thank you, Auntie Susan, for the fabulous do!)

We decided it was time to have the bangs trimmed.  So it was off to my friend Danella on Monday.

It was, I should state, not a “fun” experience.  Danella was valiant, but it was much like trying to cut the cats’ hair.  But the end results are really cute!

 First Haircut feb 1, 2010 004 First Haircut feb 1, 2010 003 First Haircut feb 1, 2010 006


Feb 4 2010 022 

Feb 4 2010 031

Many thanks to all of you for the suggestions about the Aveeno---we love it!  you can tell that her face is looking much better.  It’s still a bit dry and red, but not nearly as bad as it was.  Her skin all over is much, much better. 

We also found some really good stuff by a company called “California Baby”—they make an aloe vera cream that not only isn’t really greasy, but K actually likes it on her face.  We slather it on all the time, when we remember to.

Love to all of you!


Kristine said...

Oh my goodness, she looks so cute!!!! She has the SWEETEST little face and I bet you kiss those cheeks 100 times a day. She is so precious. I am so glad that everything is going well.

I read the post below yesterday and was just getting ready to comment when the dog got sick and Maria fell and hit her head! Today is a new day ;)

I just wanted to say...Welcome to Motherhood...and I know you are so glad to be there!

Regarding your picture with crazy hair...girl, I LOVE your hair. Straight hair girls have so much envy for you curly headed girls.

I wished we could get together sometime...maybe we could meet in KC? or somewhere in the middle...

Shelly and Steve said...

Oh cute!! Of course I love the pic in the pebbles pig-tail, but know they often don't keep those in :o) Shes you can do like we used to with Madison and leave her bangs down and still do the pony on!!!

Can I ask what size clothes & shoes shes in? She looks like she'd be about the same size as our little one, although she's a few months older and I haven't gotten any info on her in so long.

Troy and Rachel said...

Sheepdog or not - she's a dolly!!!

Loved your post below about what you've learned - all so true!

the7houks said...

I am so tickled every time I see pictures of this sweet baby. I also loved the things you have learned. So glad God lead your hearts to Karina's!

Kim and Lance said...

Oh my gosh!! It's not like she wasn't unbelievable sweet and squishable before, but the new 'do really, REALLY ups the adorable quotient.

No comments from me about your hair. I'm one of those straight-haired folks that spent about a million dollars in the eighties trying to buy that gorgeous natural curl!

Carolynn and Steve said...

Thanks, guys for the hair reaffirmation. I tried fighting it for a long time, but I have decided to embrace my inner curliness---it is what it is. Although somedays it looks way more crazy than others.

Kristine, sweetie, I would LOVE to meet somewhere. Maybe when the snow goes away for more than a day or so--- :-)

Shelly--K is in a size 9 months (or a size 9-12 months, depending upon the label). For shoes, right now she's somewhere between a 2 and a 3---the 2's are almost too small, but the 3's are way big. We took her to Stride Rite last week and she wears their size 3.5.