Monday, February 8, 2010

Fun with Mimi and Papa Tom…

More pictures from my Mom and Dad’s visit on Saturday:

feb 6 2010 009 edited

feb 6 2010 010 edited


 We also enjoyed a yummy (messy!) cookie later on:

feb 6 2010 027 edited

Update:  today we went to the county health department to have K’s TB test done.  We had to wait 30 days after her vaccinations, and today was the best day for meeting that schedule.  We’ll go back on Wednesday to have it read.  She was a trooper---she cried when I held her arm and the needle went in, but once it was over she was ready to go.  We celebrated with a trip to Barnes and Noble and then came home to be out of the snow!


Mark and Sinziana said...

Oh Carolynn, it's just soon much fun to read your posts and remember when I had just become a mom... Every little detail that leads us to learn more about your child is just wonderful... Karina looks very happy (and quite hilarious with her faces) and surrounded by a lot of love!

Troy and Rachel said...

So glad she is visiting with your parents and you can tell she's having a great time! I love her peek a boo face!