Sunday, November 15, 2009

Under Construction: Nursery in the Works.

Ok, so there was no news this week---apparently our judge is in the hospital (!!!) and they've passed our case on to a different judge in Kaluga. We "might" hear something this week. Might.

So, we take you from the regularly-scheduled program of ................nothing................ to something that might be of actual interest: the progress on the nursery. It's not done yet (I'm a bit OCD about these things, and there's still stuff to do, like hang the quilt on the wall, pick up the pictures I had framed at Michael's and hang them, get organizer baskets, etc.,) but the state of the nursery is much more interesting than just "no news"!

I have to give a huge shout out here to my beloved and talented sister, the Princess Susan. She not only painted the tree on the wall (and I HAVE to tell you that she's not done or she'll kill me!) but she also designed and created the window treatments. Another HUGE thank you to her boyfriend Brad, who donated a whole afternoon of work and his tools to the project of putting together the furniture. They have both been rocks for us during this process, and we wouldn't be anywhere as close to done as we are without them.

Note that I also totally stole ideas from you guys--we have the same crib as Shelley, and the rosy-cheeked doll was part of Kristine's nursery!

Hope that you all have a great week---I'll be back soon!


Kristine said...

Oh my goodness, I LOVE it all. That tree is so beautiful...and tell Princess Susan that it looks DONE. But I am sure it will be even more beautiful when she is done...I love the quilt, the crib, the chair and pretty!

And especially the Rosy Cheeks Doll!!! Aren't they precious? and that little doll just gave me something to look at and smile about every time I would walk into The Cup's room...she helped me to remember that a baby would be there soon.

I hope you hear good news SOON!!!

Hugs to you!!!


Shelly and Steve said...

That crib bedding and curtains are just precious! I LOVE nursery pictures.....definitely helps pass the time :o) Of course I love the crib. We're down to finishing touches too...need baskets, some stuffies and dollies, and always more clothes.

Hope you hear news SOON.

amy and kevin said...

I am crazy for the tree on the wall - now that is talent! I have a bird thing going on in our nursery as well. Have never seen that crib bedding before and I am IN LOVE with it. Super super cute!

Amy said...

WOW!! Gorgeous! Loving it!

Dede said...

Looks wonderful! What a great way to pass the time.

Annie said...

How beautiful!