Friday, November 20, 2009

Just when you think it's safe to be excited...EDITED

I JUST found out that our homestudy agency is back on the new MOE blacklist. This may be an issue. It may not. Please, please pray that it is not.

Thanks. I'm a bit numb right now....

***Edited**** I just got off the phone with Carol at the agency. She said "don't worry" and that Kaluga has not been a region that has paid much if any attention to the blacklist. I'm going to try to "not worry" but I'm afraid that I won't be very good at it!


Kim Abraham said...

Praying for you!

Great photo - I could almost feel the coaster plunging down the track. Never fear though, it WILL make it safely back to the station!

Stacey said...

Fingers, toes, legs, arms, eyes... all are crossed for you (I look like a real treat right now!) I hope this is a non issue for you. P.S. I'm stealing your picture for my own blog - hope you don't mind but it's perfect :) Here's to no glitches and smooth sailing without any stomach turning drops in altitude - fly high!!!

Rich and Jolynn said...

When we traveled for court our HS agency was on the list. My understand: Because we had our paperwork in and accepted by the judge to schedule a court date prior to them being placed on the list. It would not be an issue. Did not learn this until we got in region. Sort of Grandfathered in. I hope this and/or what your agency shared with you it what you will experience.

I agree with Kim it WILL be ok.


Kristine said...

It's gonna be ok...don't you worry!

Joy said...

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers! I almost got sick when I saw the post. I was a wreck for you.