Sunday, October 25, 2009

Kaluga---Pictures From Trip One

The sign on the gates of the Baby Home in Kaluga---we're almost there!

Tsiolkovsky's grave in Kaluga--more about him to come!

Marker at the southern entrance to Kaluga--we didn't come into the city this way, but Vladimir drove us south out of town so that we could see and cross the Oka River. Kaluga was founded in 1371, so it's an old town!

Afternoon meal that we splurged on at the Black Bull restaurant! We had "Buffalo Wings" and "Onion Rings" as our appetizers (ok, we were really hungry at this point!)

Part of the Cosmonaut Museum in Kaluga--Tsiolkovsky, the Russian father of space travel, was from Kaluga, and the Cosmonaut Museum was located there in his honor and named after him.

Part of the main cathedral of Kaluga. The cathedral was built in the late 1700s for Catherine the Great's visit to the city. It's amazingly beautiful inside, and recently restored (some restoration is still taking place).

The view from the Cosmonaut Museum. Nadia told us this is part of the Kaluga reservoir

The WWII Victory monument about 4 blocks from our hotel in Kaluga. It looked really cool with all the lights at night. I'm hoping for a better picture on our next visit!

The view from our hotel room window of the Cathedral of John the Baptizer. We went to church services here on Sunday morning, and you could hear the bells ringing twice a day for services while we were there.


Kristine said...

Really great pics! I want to see more!!!

Laura said...

Really great photos of your little one's hometown! Can't wait to see pics of the 3 of you standing in front of them next trip!!!