Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Completely Random....

Here's the deal.

My brain apparently has ceased functioning as it used to. I now have a serious case of Adoption Mommy ADD. (AMADD that would be, I'm thinking).

I sat down last weekend with full intention of posting a very thought-provocative, informative blog post about our time in Kaluga. I ended up posting some pictures, that, now that I look at them are like "What was that about? Was some crazy person running around Kaluga with a camera?" Now that I think about how to explain what I was thinking, I am at a loss. I will attempt to post the explanation for all of this sometime, but in this mental state I can't promise when that will be. I just don't know.

The baby furniture arrived Tuesday morning. Steve and our friend Brad spent most of yesterday afternoon putting most of it together. I just wandered in and out and offered to help and made white chili and bread for dinner. It all went pretty well, except for the part where they put the base of the dresser on the wrong end, and then all the drawers would have needed to go in upside down! It was easily fixed, they told me.

I stayed up way late last night making up the bed with the dust ruffle and sheet bumper pad. It is WAY cute--if I wasn't so big, I would have crawled in myself. I was sort of prepared for class today---it went fine, but toward the end of my lecture (about the unification of Germany) my brain just sort of went on shut down, and I found myself repeating myself--a lot! I am worried that my students are concerned about my sanity!

We did hear today that all of our documents are IN KALUGA! Now we're just waiting for the judge to check them over and issue the court date.

And there is SO much to do. I have about 40 papers to grade, find something to wear to court, get the court photo album head is spinning!


Craig and Phyllis said...
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Craig and Phyllis said...

Okay, so I wrote a long note to you and then decided that people would be upset with me for what I wrote! So I deleted it.

I laughed when I was reading your post, because I can totally relate, still!

Praying for news of a court date!

Kristine said...

Its all going to come together...just do one thing at a time. And get your pigeon dance music back out! ha.

Love you girl!!!


Barb said...

For what it's worth, my advice - grade the papers first and get that boring, yucky stuff out of the way (I always hated grading papers, too!) Then, get to the album - that will actually be fun! I know how hard this wait is . . . it's so different than the wait for a referral. Um, when will we get to see photos of her room??

btw, my word verification is "fallogut" - follow your gut?

Troy and Rachel said...

AMADD - I love it and I think alot of us suffered through that. Hopefully it will end soon with news of a court date--praying!

Voyage to Russia said...

So glad to see you are so close to bring home your child. We spoke last year around this time about "The Wait." We have been home since Feb. with our girl. Good luck and congratulations!!

Stacy, Pat and Aidan said...

Totally normal!! My sister used to laugh at me and tell me that I had all the symptoms of a natural birth. . .sounds like you have it too! I still have Mommy brain so bad at times that even my son looks at me and says, "Mommy!! Focus!!" Too funny!