Friday, January 16, 2009

Time Out!

Sorry that I've been out of touch for awhile...there hasn't been much on the adoption front that's new, and I've been gone for a large part of the last two weeks. Last week we celebrated my birthday (and Elvis' birthday) by going away for a couple of days. We hadn't been able to have any real, just the two of us time, for awhile, and it was nice just to get away and spend time time talking and reading and shopping and eating and sleeping! We met our friends Annette and Mark in Warrensburg for dinner on my birthday (it's Annette's too--we're birthday twins!) and then went on into Kansas City for a couple of days. The "highlight" was our funny dinner at an old Greek restaurant. Great food, but the "entertainment" was so odd...their "band" was two older guys--one who played the electric guitar and the other who looked like a cross between Santa and Jack Sparrow and who played the trumpet/flugelhorn. The highlight was when he pulled out a conch shell and played "Summertime" from Porgy and Bess. Not what you'd expect in a Greek restaurant!!

This week I ran the other Saint Louis. I had to go there to get the stand mixer fixed, and while there I got my hair cut (for a curly girl, this is a BIG deal...I've had a really hard time finding someone to cut my hair, and Katie in St. Louis does an awesome job. Yes, I feel a bit weird driving 3 hours to get my hair cut, but it gets cut so infrequently that it's not a big deal, and also an excuse to run away.) I also got to experience Whole Foods Market for the first time, and that was really fun.

From St. Louis, I drove down to my parent's house, and spent a night with them. They had tickets to the Mizzou-Colorado basketball game, so we made the journey to Columbia to watch Mizzou play a really good game. I drove home late last night so that I could be here this morning to meet the Dell repair guy who is supposed to be coming to fix my laptop...and, now 4 hours + later, he's still not here!

All of this running around lately has been because my vacation is soon coming to an end. Classes start on Wednesday for me, and this semester I'll be teaching online. I have mixed feelings about is definitely more flexible and makes the course available to more people, but it's also more grading and most of all I miss the interaction with students in a classroom. This weekend is going to be getting everything finalized to go on Wednesday.

One last bit of good news...just heard that the draft of our Homestudy is ready to be submitted to our agency and to the homestudy agency for, maybe by next week all of our paperwork will be ready to GO! (All of our other stuff is already waiting and ready to be sent off!

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Berg & Fries said...

hello lovely lady!

this is going to sound random but my aunt has hair just like you; she lives in STL but doesn't haev anyone who can cut curly hair..who did you go to?

much love