Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Preparation and!

Just wanted to share some pictures from the Christmas season with you all. My friend Izzie came to visit about a week before Christmas and helped make gingerbread cookies. Here are her infamous "poo" cookies! Nothing says "Merry Christmas" like gnomes and poo!

And we can't forget decorating the Christmas tree! Actually, the tree was up for at least a week before we put the decorations on...and our new additions thought that it was a big old Christmas gift for them. In the end, I bought some inexpensive, UNBREAKABLE ornaments to replace the "living" ornaments:

While I didn't post much on my blog, I did check in on everyone during that time...and other members of the family did, too...

We spent Christmas day at my sister's house with her family and my parents. We had some card sharking going on, along with just enjoying being together:

Christmas Eve was the Christmas pageant at the church...the pageant was adorable, and, as you can see, Max the cow really stole the show:


Kristine and John said...

Love the Christmas photos...looks like you all had a wonderful time. I think my favorite is the kitty in the tree! so sweet.

Glad to hear that your paperwork is coming together! It won't be long and everything will be on its way.

Jackie said...

Oh my goodness the picture of your kitty reading the blog cracks me up! lol!

Kristine and John said...

Jan. 14th

Happy Birthday!..We have so much in common!

Eat some cake and get to the treadmill! It seems to come off slower than it goes on!