Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Ok, I don't like to do angry posts, but this is what has eaten up a huge amount of time lately.

A few weeks ago, the screen on my laptop started acting funky. When I turned on my computer, the screen wouldn't always come on.

I backed up EVERYTHING (including all the new pictures I had been organizing) and started contacting Dell. Eventually, about a week and 1/2 later (and several LONG conversations later), a tech guy came to replace my screen. He looked at my laptop and said, "you know, there are several things that are wrong with your laptop that need to be replaced." Like the keyboard. And the mousepad. And the frame around the screen that's broken.

I contacted Dell again. I had to talk to 2 different people to get them convinced that I really needed the parts. This was over 2 weeks ago. They ordered the parts. They then lost the parts. Finally, last week, they reordered the parts and the tech guy was supposed to come and to the repairs. This was Friday.

He called and said he would be here Friday at 9:30. He never showed. At all. No phone calls, nothing. I started calling at about 1:00 Friday afternoon and basically was told that they were trying to find him, but that he wasn't answering his phone. Nothing Saturday. Yesterday I called again, and they said they'd check. They then said that he had tried to call me that day. No dice---I was home all day, working on stuff at home.

The tech guy called this morning at 9:15 and said he would be at my house in about 45 minutes. As of right now (it's around 4:00) I have yet to see him or hear from him again. I've called and talked to numerous people at Dell and at the service provider. They have now reordered the parts (for a 3rd time) and are supposed to have a different tech guy call me tomorrow.

AAARRGH! Is there a good reason why this is so difficult?


Jackie said...

That is unbelievable! No there really isn't a good reason, except poor customer service. I hope the new tch guy fixes eveerything as soon as possible!

Barb said...

This reminded me of the Seinfeld episode when Kramer's waiting for the cable guy . . .

Annie said...

I feel your pain. My work computer, which is really my "main" one went completely "down" about three weeks ago and I had to get a new harddrive. Well, it took those three weeks and an infinite number of e-mails to and visits from the "tech guy" to get it [almost] back to normal...i.e. I can record my grades, I have the right version of flashplayer, I have Outlook, I can retrieve my documents from the server, I have access to Russian fonts, etc., etc., etc. Then.....TROUBLE....and they will have to give me a NEW harddrive (wasn't it fun the first time?) Meanwhile, I cannot turn off my computer or re-boot....and for some reason no longer have Outlook.

We forget how absolutely reliant we are on these things nowadays.

Kim said...

Doesn't it feel like there is no such thing as customer service anymore! I am still waiting for the tech support from Verizon to call me back. I called before Christmas. :) Glad everything is fixed now.