Thursday, October 23, 2008

kitten pictures! UPDATED

Just wanted to update everyone who has asked about names. We decided last night (Tuesday). The gray one's name is Gracie (she just kinda looks like a Gracie, and she's a little shy and timid). The tortoise-shell one is Amelia--like Amelia Earhart--because she doesn't seem to be afraid of anything--including our big girl cat--and she's an explorer.


Troy and Rachel said...

Oh my goodness - they are soooo sweet!! I want one, I want one...somehow I doubt my 3 dogs, 2 cats, husband and Daniel would approve! They are going to a barrel of laughs! Names?

Kristine and John said...

Watch out they come! I second the oh my goodness! They are just adorable. Congratulations! You have your hands full.

Jackie said...

I am not a cat person...but those kittens are so sweet! It makes even me want one! LOL!