Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ok, this is just silly!

Apparently, Russian banking giant "Sberbank" is doing a new promotional drive for the bank in hopes to inspire confidence and "cutsify" the bank. They're using little creatures they call, get this, "Sberbies"---or maybe they could spell it "Sburbees"? Most people who saw these on the website just thought they were kinda creepy. I have to agree....What do you guys think?


Annie said...

Well, I like them. Maybe because Ilya and I spent a whole afternoon in Moscow looking for Sberbank! But when we found it they accepted my credit card and gave us the necessary cash we needed. (Two holidays - one Russian and one US, plus the "difficult" guy in Ivanovo making Ilya's passport had us in Russia far longer than we intended.) It was all good, though! I wish you the best with your adoption, though.

MoscowMom said...

Oh, my. I haven't seen them before... How FUNNY! We can't stand the bureaucracy at Sberbank... We have to make our rent payments through them and half the time there's a big problem with the procedure (we're pay via wire transfers to that bank).

Thanks so much for your kitten comment!!