Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Glenda, the Glamorous Gecko


We went to run an errand this morning after I got done at the dentist.  Please meet Glenda, the Glamorous Gecko.  We’re so happy to welcome her to our family!

March 5 2010 Glenda 002

Seriously, I think stores do this on purpose…Glenda was on a bottom shelf, with her Webkins friends, and was just at the right height for someone to snag her as we walked past.  I wouldn’t have bought her (we have WAY too many stuffed animals already), but K is teething and had already chomped down on Miss Glenda’s tail before I even noticed she’d been manhandled.

The funniest part of all of this:  Miss Glenda is now hanging out with our napping child, wet gecko tail and all.  But, as Karina was nodding off for her nap, she pushed Glenda over to the side and grabbed Slicky Bunny to snuggle with.  Old friends are apparently the best friends when you’re teething! 


Troy and Rachel said...

Too cute - Give Glenda a hug from me!

Amy said...

First - if I haven't said it enough... she's JUST ADORABLE. Makes the BEST faces!

And oh yes... the stuffed animal battle. I think we are all being over run by them. It's their secret desire to rule the world.

Kristine said...

Amy's post made me funny and yet so true.

Yes, her expressions are just the best!!! Little K is a real charmer!!!

Carolynn and Steve said...

I agree, Amy...I think you have uncovered a plot.

I used think that the squirrels in our backyard had a plan to take over the I think perhaps they were just a decoy for the real culprits; the stuffed animals.

Anonymous said...