Monday, May 3, 2010

Bath Time…

This is a shout out to Aveeno and all of their great bath products.  And also to California Baby and their awesome Aloe Vera face cream.  The rashy, dry-skin stuff is all gone!

April 28 2010 023 edited

April 28 2010 024 edited

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Kristine said...

The last picture made me laugh out is very Dr. Seuss.

She is her big eyes!

Tracey and Chuck said...

You are so very lucky that you likes her baths!!! Matthew still will only stand (yes, stand) in the bath tub.....hysterical if you try and sit him down.....doesn't mind the water running down his face but will just not sit down...needless to say...bathtime is very quick in this house!!! Wish I could figure out what his fear is....should be interesting what he does in the pool this summer!!!

Love the pics....she is so adorable with those big beautiful eyes!!!

Anonymous said...
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