Friday, April 23, 2010

18 Month Check-up

Today was our doctor day---the first “official” doctor visit since our visit back in January.  In the past 3 months, Karina has gained a little over a pound and a half, and has grown about 1 1/4 inches.  She’s still just barely on the charts for height and not on the chart at all for weight, but she’s making steady improvement.  YAY!

We did have to have 3 shots today, but no more until October.  The doctor was very positive, and said that she didn’t see anything health-wise that we need to be worried about.

We know that K is behind where she should be in her verbal skills (she says about 10-12 words:  up, dada, belbo (Elmo), bye bye, ah-low (hello!), uh-oh, ball, mama, Jack, kitty (sort-of), and Thu-san (Susan).)  But the kid has only been here 3 months—and she’s only heard English for a little over 3 months.  She UNDERSTANDS a whole lot of English, so the speaking part should be coming soon.  She’s also behind on her gross motor skills, but her fine motor skills and her social skills are very good for her age. 


Tracey and Chuck said...

Great news....sounds like she is growing like she should be!!! Matt is the same with the verbal skills....definately understands but isn't talking all that much just yet but I know it is coming very soon!!! Thanks for keeping us updated on her progress. She is so adorable!!!

Monica said...

Just got home on Thursday with our daughter who is 18 months old so your update is interesting to me. Sounds like she is doing GREAT! Libbie weighs 18 lbs and can say ONE word: Mama.... hoping 3 months from now we'll have a much more detailed list of her improvement and skills. As for gaining weight my doctor (who has adopted 4 kids from Russia) suggested we add canola or olive oil to her food to get in extra calories and fat. I had never read that suggestion before. She also said you can add heavy whipping cream to yogurt. Best wishes for continued rapid progress with your daughter! :)

Annie said...

Speaking as an old lady here - I think it pays to always take those doctor visits with a grain of salt. You know how weird we think those reports of the Russian doctors are?

What an odd thing, really! To be comparing our one-of-a-kind child against a "norm" fact, that IS the way Russian doctors are - except to a fault, about EVERYTHING. Is THIS kidney like the perfect kidney? Is this heart the perfect heart? And they tell us where our children diverge from perfect. We ALL diverge from perfect, fortunately we aren't usually TOLD! :) Our Russian pediatrician told me that Russian doctors have a different paradigm than American doctors do, and that is why their reports sound so ominous all the time.

When my big kids were little I learned to just listen for BIG CONCERN and forget the rest. Kids grow at such different rates because we are all such very different people. Grown up women can be over 6 ft. basketball players or under 5 ft. gymnasts and we consider both the epitomy of health and athleticism! And in between there are all kinds of large and hefty ladies, and short and plump ones, thin ones, petite ones and everything inbetween.

My son, who is now in the army, doing intelligence, started out at 26 weeks gestation, weighing less than 2 pounds! He didn't walk until he was 14 months old.

When they walk, when they talk....even when they read - all of those things can be very individual.

If I'd listened much to doctors and experts on any of this stuff I would have been a crazed mess. Fortunately, I was into trusting my instincts....(and don't worry - your instincts as an adoptive mom are as good as the bio-mom's instincts - I've trusted them both!)

The few times I delved into worry - potty training was one - were the only times I did really stupid things as a mother. Aidan (the army guy) just didn't potty train until he was nearly 4. I really feel badly now about the trauma I gave him at 2.

Just give things like that (and drinking from a cup, eating with utensils, etc.) a try and if they don't happen naturally, drop them until later. As some wise mother said (and saved the day, really) "He's not going to go to kindergarten in diapers!"

I got out of my "worry space" and suddenly realized that I really LIKED his being in diapers! Unlike my early potty-training friends, I NEVER had to stop what I was doing out in public to try to take my toddler to a public restroom.

Just an example, but I felt inspired to share my experience (beats getting to the housework this Saturday morning).

I'm so glad you have your sweetie home - sounds like she is doing so well!

Monica's idea horrifies me a bit! I'm quite glad my Russian kids are still very thin and not "looking like Americans" as the Russians say (to my overweight embarrassment). But, use those instincts!

Kristine said...

She sounds great to me! The only thing I am upset about is that you should know better than to do an update post without a picture! shame shame. lol.

Amy said...

Shots stink!! Great growing Karina!! Yes -- to echo Kristine -- MORE PICS!! :)

Mama Fish said...

Hey there! I remember being concerned about Small Fry's speech too. (I still am actually), but I will say, it definitely is her age, and the completely new language.

So glad she is doing well! And I agree with Kristine- we need a picture!