Tuesday, March 9, 2010

We are still here…

Hello, everyone.  We are all still here and all still alive, but it just seems like there is never enough time to sit down and post here---and then, when there is time, I think “what the heck would I write about?”

The snotty nose from a couple of weeks ago turned out to be not just a snotty nose.  K ended up at the pediatrician’s office on a Saturday morning, and we came home with a bottle of antibiotic for an ear infection and a shot of Decadron for an inflamed voice box.  On top of that, I came down with the same thing---and mine turned into a sinus infection.  So we were living really low-key for about a week or so after that.

After the recovery, we’ve been working on getting our bounce back.  I finished (with Steve’s help) writing all of the thank you notes for the gifts from the shower that the church ladies threw for Karina, and have been looking forward to the weather getting warmer so that I can work on putting stuff away in the garage and cleaning up out there. 

The lady from Parents as Teachers visited last Friday, and she seemed to think that K was making good progress.  She’ll be back next month to evaluate where she is developmentally, and then we’ll proceed from there.  We think that she has been doing remarkably; she has added “uh oh” to her vocabulary, and is an ace at undoing velcro and taking off her shoes.  She also loves to make faces and blow kisses to everyone, and dances to music.   On the other side, we are dealing with quite the little drama queen when she can’t have something that she wants—like the cell phone.  Today we had a substantial meltdown, but we’re working on being patient and helping her learn that a hissy fit does not get her what she wants.  She’s also teething---about 4 new teeth coming in right now.  Fun.

We also enjoyed being outside this last weekend.  It was warm enough to go outside and sit on the grass.  We think that this was maybe K’s first chance to sit on the grass, walk barefoot outside, and attempt to eat leaves!  She seems to have enjoyed the experience.  We also took the new stroller out for a whirl on Sunday afternoon.

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March 5 and 6, 2010 029






Today has been kind of a quiet day (other than the melt down!)—we walked over to the church to visit Daddy, and then played with our kitchen “toys” after K’s nap. 

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