Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Going to bed in pink bear jammies…

I was really afraid that K was going to have problems with sleeping---I don’t do well with not enough sleep (my fellow camp staff and kiddos can all attest to that) and I was worried what might happen if K had troubles sleeping. 

I am INCREDIBLY  happy to report that sleep is not an issue with us.  K sleeps like a rock, for which I am so very grateful!  She takes about a two hour nap in the afternoon, and goes down for the night around 8:00.  We almost always make it through the night without an interruption, and we’re up for milk and Sesame Street around 8 in the morning.  Tonight she was really tired by 8:00—we had a long day today!  The hairbrush is a new thing from about a week ago—she loves to carry it around, brush her hair and ours, and also to chew on it (part of the teething process).

March 10, 2010 Going to bed 001 edited








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March 10, 2010 Going to bed 003 edited



Troy and Rachel said...

She is just precious and I'm so glad sleep is going well in your house. Daniel did great too so no complaints here - but if he hadn't I know I would have had a tough time too!! Enjoy it!!

Amy said...

She's just gorgeous!!! Sleep is a wonderful thing!

Tracey and Chuck said...

She is beautiful!!!! You are so so lucky with her sleeping!!! I am envious!!!!