Monday, January 11, 2010

Home 2 Weeks!

Yes, it is hard to believe it, but we've been home for two weeks! We've spent most of that time trying to get settled into a routine of sorts, catch up on sleep from my jet lag, and just enjoy being a family together.
That doesn't mean that there hasn't been any "excitement"---K has been to church twice in that time period (once to the early service, and then to the second service yesterday) and she did amazingly well with so many people. We also celebrated Christmas with Susan and her family, Sarah and my Mom and Dad on New Year's Day, and had Sarah here for New Year's Weekend. We visited the Pediatrician on the 5th, where she had 6 shots and a major blood draw (she was not a happy camper about this, but she held up like a trooper!) and she spent the day with Daddy at the church on the 6th when I had to go to the orthodontist and run some errands in the city. We celebrated my birthday on Friday by eating too much (well, I did--not her!) and watching Elvis movies--this girl LOVES music and loves dancing to Elvis songs, especially "Viva, Las Vegas"--too funny. Finally, we went to visit cousin Jack's new puppy yesterday. Neither one of them knew exactly what to think of the other, but they both had fun.
So how are things going? Well, Mommy is tired and a bit overwhelmed by the changes, but things are getting better. I still have a bunch of thank you's to write and to get things like the blog caught up, but the big stuff is finally getting taken care of (things like balancing the checkbook, doing laundry, cleaning the house, shopping). Thank goodness for Daddy, and the way in which he has taken over helping with things, too!
Karina seems to be doing well. She can eat like nobody's business---especially fruits and cheerios! She also likes yogurt, milk, some vegetables (green beans are not a favorite, but she will eat them). We're working on trying to get her to try new things, but that will come, I'm pretty sure. She also sleeps good, but we've also figured out that sometimes when we think she's still asleep in the morning, she is, in fact, awake and just hanging out in the crib (apparently she and the silky/slicky bunny and Piglet have a lot to talk about.) The biggest health issues have been (1) sore teeth from teething and (2) dry skin/rash. Per doctor's orders we've been greasing her down with Aquaphor, but she still has some rashy places on her face where the cream gets wiped away by little fingers. She seems to know us, to miss us when we leave the room, and to want us in a crowd of people. She also has learned that there are some things that are "no-no's"--the computer, the cell phone, etc--and she has attempted to see if throwing a hissy fit will get them for her. Yes, she is a bit of a drama queen, but we are on to her!
So, that's how things have been going---I hope that you have all had a blessed holiday season, and will be posting more about our trip and Russia experiences soon! Much love!


Kristine said...

Try Aveeno soap instead of Johnsons for her dry will help and the lotion as well. My doctor said that Johnsons tends to dry out their skin..

That picture is too cute!

So glad you are home and that everything is going well...

Jackie said...

I have also found that Aveeno baby lotion helps any rash Small Fry gets on his face. I actually tried it because it was on Kim A's packing list. I've actually used it myself in a pinch, and the stuff is good!

It is so good to hear an update on you and that things are slowly coming together at home!!

Kim and Lance said...

So happy to see the update! And of course she's completely and utterly gorgeous! Aveeno is great stuff, but the very best thing for dry, rashy skin is to only bathe them twice weekly.

Jackson had such chapped, red little cheeks when we brought him home. Mostly from teething, and regular sliming with Aquaphor did help a little. Nothing but finishing teething will cure it though!

Once we cut his baths back, his skin cleared up so nicely. It was hard to do... I'd dreamed about long, bubbly tub baths for so many years! I decided to save those for me instead.

Congratulations on getting home and settling in, keep us posted as you can. There is just no dignity in blog-stalking when you're waiting for an update!

Joy said...

How cool! I was sowondering how everything was going those first couple of weeks home I was SO tired.

dgporter said...

Home 2 weeks! How wonderful. I am so looking forward to saying that as well. Be looking for that title on one of my posts very soon.
Your daughter is such a cutie.
Congratulations, friend.

Craig and Phyllis said...

Very good to hear that things are going great. But I don't know what you mean that the important things like laundry, checkbook, etc, and not the blog, are getting done! : )

She is adorable!

the7houks said...

THis child is so beautiful!!! I barely recognize her. I am in amazement of her!! Here is praying she continues to make a wonderful adjustment to her home.

Troy and Rachel said...

We also used Aveeno but mixed it with a little hydrocortizone at night to help with any itching. Worked great!

She's such a cutie and sounds like she is doing great! Happy Days!

amy and kevin said...

She is so beautiful!