Saturday, December 19, 2009

weather problems

I hope that you all are safe and warm today! Weather cancelled our flight into Philly. So. We're headed to the airport to throw ourselves on the mercy of the airlines. Trying to take deep calming breaths here.

5 comments: said...

At least this isn't the court trip, if you have to have a flight delay of some sort. Hang in there---you are getting closer by the minute!


Shelly and Steve said...

Yes, definitely better to have delays on this trip than the last. I'll be hoping all the problems get worked out this leg of your journey so it will be smoooooth sailing for the flight HOME with you little girl!!!


Lisa said...

I completely feel your pain and am praying that you get a flight soon. Our flight was also canceled so it looks like trip 1 for us will be delayed. Carol thought maybe Svetlana would get new dates from the MOE on Monday.


Laura said...

Keeping you in our prayers...your journey awaits, just another bump in the road (or air!). Stay positive...your reward is close at hand!


Kristine said...

I hope you made it and little K is in your arms. Praying for you. Give us an update when you can.