Thursday, December 17, 2009

Heavy Sigh of RELIEF...

Final Exams all graded---check (with HUGE thanks to my superfriend Rene, who took over grading the multiple choice questions on the World Civ final so that I could grade the essays and figure grades)

Final Grades all calculated and posted to the internet---check

Almost all paperwork for the embassy done and ready to go---check

Sinus infection---yep, but started on the z-pack last night---check

Packing---well, I do have tomorrow to get that done...

There's a light at the end of this tunnel! Now to go get some sleep after a nice, yummy dinner with my husband to celebrate the END of this crazy semester!

ONLY 1 day left before we leave on Saturday!


Shelly and Steve said...

Ooooh shes almost yours FOREVER (and I get to see PICTURES!!!)

How long will you be there this trip?

I'm really really happy for you and so glad you didn't hit any of the snags we are.


Jackie said...

Good job on getting it all done! I'll pray the Z-pack starts to kick in to get rid of the sinus infection! I want you to be able to enjoy your last trip over there.

When do you pick her up??? Chris and I picked up Small Fry on Dec 23rd. Such a great Christmas present!!

Carolynn and Steve said...

Picking her up on Monday the 21st, if all works out as it should.

Silly weather---please don't mess up our travel plans to Moscow!!!!

Troy and Rachel said...

Whew - all done!! Now you can pack and then go get your baby girl! Hoping the weather holds out for you! We're expecting between 10 and 16 inches of snow tonight!

the7houks said...

Don't forget the Power of Attorney and the pictures of Steve with your girl!! Hmmm...I won't say I am speaking from experience, but it doesn't make them very happy if you don't have these things. Middle of the night emails and phone calls to your husband back in the states can get a little stressful!!!