Saturday, August 8, 2009 not go see this movie on an empty stomach!

So, we went last night to see Julie and Julia. I was really excited, since I've read Julie Powell's book (which is not, in my opinion, a great book, but it is fun) and I'm about half-way through Julia Child's autobiography. Let me first say that the movie is very funny, heartwarming, and very well done--in many ways, and that Meryl Streep's Julia Child is just too good for words.
However, we left kind of in a rush, and didn't eat before the 7:00 movie. Then, we didn't even get popcorn at the theater (well, I'm not supposed to eat it because of my braces, so I was trying to be good). Um....perhaps it slipped our minds that this whole movie was going to be about FOOD? Gorgeous food, for the most part, and talk about buying food and cooking food and eating food....By the time the movie was over, we were STARVING. I looked at Steve and asked, "so now what do you want to do?" and he said, "EAT!"
So, we zipped over to Olive Garden...we were almost the last people in there, but we did feast upon soup and salad and pasta and dessertage (we did split the dessert. So there, Jenny Craig!) It was yummy.
Just to bring everybody up to where we are adoption-wise:
Plane tickets are purchased, apartment is booked for the two nights in Moscow through Peace Travel, and visa applications were mailed yesterday. On Tuesday we have to go have our fingerprints done for the FBI check. Then about August 20 we have our physcials here.
My sis (Princess Susan) came over this last week and began to paint on the nursery walls. we now have the beginnings of a beautiful tree with a sweet bird on two walls. I'll post pictures when it is closer to finished.
So help me out, all you veteran moms and dads out there---is there something ELSE that I should be doing? Have I forgotten something important? I feel like I am missing SOMETHING!
Much love to all of you!


Dede said...

Thanks for the advice about the movie! It sounds like you have everything under control travel wise. The only thing you might want to think about is gathering the cash money you will need. They need to be clean bills with no markings and in good condition. You might want to check with your bank on how much notice they need. I can't wait to see the pictures of the room mural.

Craig and Phyllis said...

My daughter wants to go see that movie. I read a review of Plugged-In and it sounded good. I'll remember your advice to eat first!

My only advice, that I have given to others that were going to Astrakhan, was to take a flat drain plug for the hotels. You cannot count on the rooms having plugs in the sinks or shower/tub area. I don't know about your region, but I have been to two regions in Russia, and they were non-existent in both. It only cost $1.75 at WalMart and doesn't weigh anything.

I'm so excited for you guys! Can't wait to hear more about it!

Kristine said...

Sounds like things are coming together! Can't wait to see pics!!!

Carolynn and Steve said...

Dede and Phyllis,

Thanks for the super advice! Steve is supposed to be on the money trail, but I'll gently remind him that we need to get started. I think I have one of those drain plugs someplace--a good motivation to find it now!