Tuesday, June 9, 2009

All Quiet on the Tula Front

No news out of Tula. The head of the MOE is reportedly back from vacation, but nothing is happening.

This is getting old.



Jackie said...

Hang in there Carolynn- It will happen I just know it! I am glad to hear that the MOE is finally back from vacation, at least that is good news!

Troy and Rachel said...

Hopefully they'll get cranked up soon. Keep us posted!

Kristine said...

Do we need to fly over and light a fire under her seat?

At least she is well-rested and ready to open some files maybe....
we'll just keep hoping and praying.

Carolynn and Steve said...

Official word from C at the agency is that her contact over there wasn't able to get a meeting/appointment with the MOE this week. The word from Russia is "maybe Monday he'll get an appointment."


Thanks for the prayers and the positive vibes---they are muchly muchly appreciated