Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Down on the Alligator/Chicken Farm:

This weekend, Karina began what I’m calling “The Great Alligator/Chicken Farm” project.  She gets dirt from the side of the yard (where the moles have made some lovely loose dirt messes), puts it in her Elmo buckets (left over from her 2-year Birthday party) and then climbs onto the swing.  She then proceeds to scatter the dirt around the swing, feeding her “chickies.”  Yesterday we not only fed her chickies, but we fed her alligators as well.  She told us last night that she has a farm in the backyard, where she raises chickens and alligators.  According to her reports, there are 29 chickens and 3 alligators on her farm.  When I asked (it’s on the video) why the alligators didn’t eat the chickens, she answered “because they eat dirt.”  Silly mommy.

May 22 2012 001

May 22 2012 007

May 20 2012 Sunday Dunwoodys 014

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