Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Saturday morning walk, along with some videos:

Both Steve and I had a free morning on Saturday, and it was so nice outside that we decided to take Miss K up on her request of a walk down to the store.

march 10 2012 004 edited

Along the way, we found all kinds of interesting things like walnuts and rocks, and, of course, these things needed to be carried along in pockets.  It was a good thing Miss K had so many pockets in her outfit that morning!

march 10 2012 005

march 10 2012 007

march 10 2012 009

At Corona Market, Daddy almost always buys K a Tootsie Pop—and this morning she chose a red one:

march 10 2012 011 edited

march 10 2012 012 edited

After the excitement of the store, we walked on to the playground:

march 10 2012 014

march 10 2012 019 edited

march 10 2012 025

march 10 2012 037

And now, a couple of videos from the past few weeks:


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