Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Being sick on Leap Day:

Miss K has been fighting a bad cough since late Saturday night.  A trip on Monday to the pediatrician let us know that she has a sinus infection (complete with icky greenish snot) and bronchitis.  So—we’ve been doing breathing treatments for the last 3 days:

Feb 29 2012 leap day and new carseat 034

Being sick, however, is no reason not to still be glamorous:

FEB 28 2012 007 edited

Her baby was in the closet, apparently trying to take a nap:

FEB 28 2012 008 edited

Also, yesterday our new carseat came in the mail---K is really excited—and thankful to Papa Tom for getting it for her:

Feb 29 2012 leap day and new carseat 016

Finally, since it IS Leap Day:

Feb 29 2012 leap day and new carseat 024 edited

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Stacy, Pat and Aidan said...

Hope she gets better soon! We have that same mask! Although now it is getting a little small on Aidan.