Thursday, November 10, 2011

Picture of the Week:

When we left Russia with Miss K, it was with the words “Russian baby must wear hat” ringing in our ears.  Tanya, our translator in Moscow on our last trip, practically wrestled me to the ground because I refused to put K’s hat on for the 50 foot walk to the van on a day when the poor child was tired, cranky, and sweating bullets in a snowsuit.  It was warm enough that day that snow was melting and falling off the buildings.  However, because it was easier, I just put the hat on Miss K.

It is somehow poetic that the child refused to wear a hat for almost the first year she was home.  We had such cute hats, but no go—she wanted nothing to do with them.  I think perhaps she was exercising her right to let the wind blow through her hair.  When it got cold last winter she finally relented—and put on a hat.

Today you can imagine the surprise when she wanted to wear the “fuzzy hat”---and “dloves.”  It wasn’t really that cold today, but, oh well Winking smile

November 10 2011 006

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