Saturday, June 4, 2011

An “avoiding doing other things by posting more pictures” blog post

Haircut last week---K was mostly interested in the lady who was having her hair shampooed (aka “wet”):

June 1 2011 haircut 004 edited

Just hanging out on Friday morning---jammies and new pink converse tennies:

June 3 2011 001

Today is the beginning of the “get out the summer clothes and put away the winter clothes” project.  Thankfully, Miss K’s stuff is DONE now.  Mommy’s stuff is another story.  In the process of putting away winter stuff, we found the costume that I bought last year after Halloween (1/2 price!) thinking it might fit her this year.  Miss K decided it needed trying on today.

June 4 2011 006

It has a CAPE!

June 4 2011 010

and boots!

June 4 2011 014

Ready to go fight evil doers and other bad guys!

June 4 2011 outside 001

June 4 2011 outside 005

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Stacy, Pat and Aidan said...

Awesome costume!!! Looks like it will do nicely this year. Look out bad guys!