Friday, May 13, 2011

Favorite pictures from this week:

We met Steve’s parents (Grandpa David and Grandma Joyce) for lunch this week---

May 9 2011 003

May 9 2011 004

May 9 2011 009

Also, Miss K had fun playing with my shoes a couple of nights ago:

May 9 2011 013

May 9 2011 016

Finally, this is a picture that she took---pretty cool!

May 6 2011 Karina Pictures 016

The new word for the month is “mine”.  Today at Walgreens, everything was “MINE”.  Loudly.  I think that developmentally we’re pretty much on track! Smile

What’s interesting is that she still refuses to say her name.  She can say all of the syllables, and has even said “Rina” a couple of times, but when you ask her to say “Karina” she just says “no”.  That’s the new big milestone to work for!

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