Friday, March 4, 2011

fashionista :-)

March 3 2011 minnie dress 010

March 3 2011 minnie dress 013

March 3 2011 minnie dress 014

March 3 2011 minnie dress 016

Outfit today---from the bottom up:

Pink ballerina shoes (from favorite Auntie Susan)

Gap jeans (also from favorite Auntie Susan)

New Minnie Mouse nightie that mommy bought at the Disney Store yesterday (which is too big, but she loves anyway)

Red sunglasses from the sale table at Gymboree (LOVE the sale table at Gymboree)

Inside:  one cute kiddo with definite fashionista tendencies. 

(At one point she also had on her fuscia hooded jacket, which made her look a bit more like someone coming through Ellis Island at the turn of the century—only from a very brightly colored country.)

Happy Friday, everybody!


Barb said...

Very Cute! I love the sunglasses . . . and the loose curls in her hair:)

amy and kevin said...

CRAZY cute - she knows how to rock an outfit! :)