Wednesday, November 17, 2010

And then, something amazing happened….

I should explain here.  When Auntie Susan and I picked Miss K up last Christmas, we got the lecture.  The “Russian grandma” lecture.  About how Russian babies wear hats.  ALWAYS.  It’s not that we didn’t make her wear her hat.  It was just that our translator in Moscow felt very strongly that, even though it was nearly 50 degrees outside, Miss K had to wear a hat.  And this needed to happen even when she went home.  (Something about how she would have terrible earaches if she didn’t wear a hat all the time. Even inside.)

Well, apparently, Miss K didn’t understand her.  Once we got home, she REFUSED to wear a hat.  The few pictures that we have of her wearing a hat are elusive and momentary.  (Pretty much “ok, Steve, you put the hat on her head and jump back while I take the picture before she notices.”)  So, what’s amazing is that yesterday, when she and I went outside to walk around and it was kind of chilly, and I asked her “do you want to wear a hat?” she said “yes.”  Knock me over!  Here’s the proof:

Nov 16 2010 012

Nov 16 2010 023

Nov 16 2010 032

Nov 16 2010 036

Nov 16 2010 045


Nov 16 2010 048

Nov 16 2010 050


Tracey and Chuck said...

And a cute hat it is......Miss K is so adorable!!! Love the pics!!!

amy and kevin said...

Wow she is sooooooo cute! I love the picture of her with her doll in the swing!!!

Kim Abraham said...

Cute photos of Miss K! Lexi was the same way. She wore a hat during our week in Moscow together, but once home she REFUSED to wear anything on her head. Especially hats! It was almost a full year before she got over that, but she still won't keep them on for very long.

Carolynn and Steve said...

I think that they're probably like "WHOO HOO! I don't HAVE to wear a hat any more so I'm not going to!" It's too funny that Lexi was the same way.

Mama Fish said...

I love it! When we were in Moscow for our third trip last week it w as 54 degrees, and the bellman at the hotel said something about a coat and a hat. Whatever. We just hopped in the car and drove off to the embassy.

Laura said...

You've been so great at posting...I just found the time to catch up!

Lil Miss K is adorable in her pink hat. And Kristina is just like Karina and Lexy -- no more hats. Except the first week of November when she initiated putting a hat on to go to jaw dropped!

Oh -- and I loved the videos of Karina dancing. Girl's got moves!