Wednesday, September 22, 2010

One year ago….

One year ago last Sunday we arrived in Moscow to meet a little girl---we’d only seen a few pictures of her, a short (but welcomed) video, and knew just a few scary things about her medical history:

Karina - photo 31

One year ago Monday we walked into a room in the Kaluga baby home and saw this face in person for the first time:


One year ago today we were on our way to have Miss K’s picture take for her passport and other adoption documents:

IMG_3294 no gum cropped

This morning Miss K was running around with her toothbrush, watching Elmo and Abby, saying (for the first time!) “thank you!” and asking to have “Goodnight Moon” read for about the 7,513th time.  We’re looking forward to a new season of Sesame Street because we’ve watched the last season so many times that Steve and I can recite lengthy portions.  (Thank you God for TIVO).

Sept 22 2010 toothbrush pigtails skeeter bites 002

Sept 22 2010 toothbrush pigtails skeeter bites 019

Sept 22 2010 toothbrush pigtails skeeter bites 038

What a difference a year makes!  Thank you, God, for this amazingly special little girl!


Craig and Phyllis said...

Has it been a year already since you went on your first trip?!! Amazing! She is so cute and has really grown.

Dede said...

Happy Metcha Day! It is so amazing how much they change in a year. Congrats to your beautiful family!

Cyan said...

What a happy post! Your daughter has really blossomed in the past year. She's adorable. I remember the day too. We were in Kaluga a year ago getting ready for our court date. It's amazing what changes a year can make!

Troy and Rachel said...

Happy One Year!!!! Love your header photo! She's a doll!

Joy said...

How cool! I just loved seeing her walking and brushing (LOL) her teeth.

Tracey and Chuck said...

1 Year goes so fast, doesn't it??? much much these little angels grow and change is simply amazing!! Your little girl is such a doll and so adorable!!! Happy 1 year!!!