Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sunday afternoon---some yogurt, and FINALLY a bow in her hair!

A few pictures of this last Sunday---miss k finally let me put a bow in her hair for church (I think because her bangs are so long that she can’t see!) and left it in all afternoon.  She’s also getting very good at feeding herself, as the pictures show—this girl LOVES her yogurt.

I know that I have been not so good at actual postings with news lately---there has been a lot going on lately.  We’ve had our first post-placement visit (and it was very successful), and we’re also in the process of moving at the end of June—so things here are a bit crazy.  I’ll try to keep up with the pictures, and also keep you all up to date on how miss k is doing as we go, and then hopefully catch up on the news when we get all settled.

May 30 2010 bowhead 003

May 30 2010 bowhead 006

May 30 2010 bowhead 012

May 30 2010 bowhead 021

 May 30 2010 bowhead 016


Kim and Lance said...

Carolyn, if she were any cuter, it would be illegal! My husband came over to see what I was squealing about and even HE was cooing over the cuteness! Lord, some times it almost... ALMOST makes me wish I'd asked for a girl!

Barb said...

SO CUTE! Love the little bow in her hair!

Tracey and Chuck said...

Love the bow in her hair....she is such a pretty little girl!!! Our Matthew loves his yogurt too...I know I can alway count on yogurt if he is not eating!

amy and kevin said...

Man oh man is she soooooooooo CUTE!!!