Friday, April 17, 2009

Those who wait upon the Lord...

Hi guys!

The news is: there's no news. We were registered in Tula, but things are quiet right now. According to C, there is no word on how quickly or when things will happen. So, we wait. But at least now we're "really waiting" and not "waiting to wait."

Last night my Bible Study group watched our weekly installment of Beth Moore's study of the book of Esther. She talked about "time"--and it was, not to be "punny," incredibly timely. She talked about knowing when it's time to do something, knowing when it is not time to do something, and understanding that it is all God's time. She ended with an idea that has been sticking with me this morning; that when we wait upon an event or upon a person to act, that wait can take forever, and it can drain us of all our strength. But, when we "wait upon the Lord" to act, the book of Isaiah tells us that our strength will be renewed. It's all a matter of perspective. When we know that it's all God's time, and that God is acting to bring all things right in His time, then we should be excited about seeing what happens, and anticipate the completing of all things in the "right time". I'm trying to let God move that idea from my head to my heart this week.

Some other good stuff has happened this week. I got to see my Dad yesterday (and my sister, too) at my nephew's track meet--he ran the 1 mile, and did an awesome job (just under 6 minutes--good for a 7th grader). I got to spend a great afternoon in the car Monday driving Jeremiah back to the airport in St Louis for his flight home to Buffalo, and just have time to laugh and catch up with him. I got my hair cut shorter in StL, and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel for this semester. So while there have been some stresses, I've also seen God move in some amazing ways this week in my life and the lives of other people.

A quick prayer request for all of you: my Dad is having one of his knees replaced on Monday. Could you keep him, and my Mom in your prayers? I'd appreciate it muchly!

Hope that you all have an amazing weekend!


Kristine said...

I will be praying for you Dad that the surgery goes well and especially for the recovery.

I will also pray for your is exciting to know that you are registered and you are "officially" waiting now instead of black hole waiting. I know that brings you some peace of mind.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend as well!


Jackie said...

I LOVE that analogy about waiting... I wish I had that when we were waiting, bcause it is so encouraging. To know that when we wait on the Lord we have our strength renewed. I've known that verse, but it took on new meaning as you explained it from Beth Moore's study.

I will pray for you Dad and his knee replacement surgery too. So let's see photos of your short haircut! :-)


Kim said...

That is a great reminder to us all and like you, I know this in my head but trying to tell me heart is something entirely different. I am working on that too.

terence and carala said...

Thanks for your post! Up until our bible study 2 nights I've felt a little tired of the WAITING. I asked the group to pray that I would just give it over to God. So, this is totally what I needed to hear...and know there are others that have encouraging words even amongth their anxiousness. So thanks! :-) I appreciate what you said.

In Him,
Carala from Canada

Rob said...

I hafta shamefully admit that my faith began to waiver as I became exasperated with all of the delays. I allowed my frustration to cloud my trust. Although it certainly doesn't make up for that, the outcome of our adoption has renewed and increased my faith in His plan.

The adoption took as much time as it needed to take - exactly. We couldn't have gotten Liam any sooner because he wasn't ready for us. And I've come to believe that the Lord knew that we needed to be stressed & tested more before we could be truly prepared to become parents for Liam. Liam was meant to to be our child, of that much I'm certain.

Anyway, I know I cannot alleviate the anxiety you feel from the seemingly never-ending wait, but I hope that sharing my experiences may help you in some small way to maintain your faith in His plan.

Kena Clark said...

Thank you for sharing with all of us. Last year at this time I was waiting for my court date. It had been three months since I had seen my daughter and it took every ounce of faith (and a lot of Beth Moore bible studies) to hold on. My daughter has been home since July 9th, 2008. She is a blessing from God and worth the wait. I will continue put you on my pray list! You can read about my journey on my blog.

terence and carala said...

Hi again, I just noticed that you were registered in Izhevsk...are you still registered there? Or just in Tula? Our agency wants to register our dossier in another region...that may be Izhevsk. Is this region not going well? Why did you leave. You can PM me at if you'd like. :-)

Carala from Canada