Monday, November 24, 2008

Preparing to Head Out for the East

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to post a quick update on how things are going with us. Tomorrow morning early we are headed out for the East--yep, we're making the drive out to Buffalo, New York to see Jeremiah (and Sarah and Laurel and Kirt and Bri and Amber, who are also driving out) for Thanksgiving. The plan is to meet up in Buffalo, and then drive into NYC for Thanksgiving morning and the Macy's parade, then come back to Buffalo the next day for "dinner". I'm trying to be not uptight about all this and not giving into the worry (weather, crowds, what to pack, leaving the new kittens in the house all this time, etc.), but instead just praying that this will be an amazing time with my family.

I had hoped that we would have all of our documentation done before Thanksgiving (well, I was seriously trying to get it all done--and stressing about it), but God has other plans. Again, I'm learning to listen to God and His timetable, which is frustrating because I'm just Miss Impatient, (LOL), but is also growing me through this whole experience. I am learning over and over through this whole process that God's time is not my time, and that God's timing is so much better than mine is. We had our physicals on Friday, and because of the time factor for the TB test requirment, we have to wait until after Thanksgiving for those to be finalized. Because we've both been so busy trying to get other stuff finished up to be gone, we still have one online class to complete for our homestudy. And, because the homestudy isn't quite finished (background checks that are new because our new homestudy agency is Hague compliant,along with other stuff), we're waiting on that for some of the paperwork we need to complete. But, on the positive side, so many other things are DONE--and so much more quickly than when we did them the first time for our original agency. Thank you to all of you for your help and encouragement, and to Karyn for the paperwork templates that she shared with me. I am learning that it not only takes a village to raise a child, it takes a village to get them home--how amazing is our God that He can use this whole process to bring people from all over the world together who share a heart for these children?!

Please pray that we can finish these things up quickly when we get back next week, since I would really like for all of the paperwork to be "done" and sent off before Christmas. There are also so many people traveling or getting ready to travel, and I send my wish for traveling mercies out to all of you.

I'm not sure if I will be back here before next week, so please know that all of you are in my heart and prayers. A blessed Thanksgiving to all of you--and may God fill you with His grace and peace and joy.


Tiger & Kar said...

Hi! I was/am happy to share the templates with you & anything else you might need as you finish up the paper chase stage. We all get tough lessons in patience and trust when we enter into the wonderful world of adoption and the more support we can get the better! Sounds like you're in a great place right now and before you know it, C will be calling you with your referral information or travel dates. Congrats & have a wonderful & safe Thanksgiving!


Jackie said...

I am so glad that you posted, I was getting ready to send an emai to check on how you are doing! I will pray for safe travels for you to NY, and for the paperwork to get done quickly when you return. Thanks for posting an update! Happy Thanksgiving!

Troy and Rachel said...

Safe travels and the paperwork will come when it's ready. It's easy to say that now, but it can be so trying while you are in the process. It sounds like you are handling everything with grace.

Eric & Becky said...

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Hope you have a safe and great trip and all goes well. We feel your pain it wasen't very long ago we were where you were waiting and waiting. Time goes so slow we know. Good luck with Dr. papers and we will keep checking to see how things are moving along. Have a great Thanksgiving.

votemom said...

the paperwork is constant it seems. i think it stressed me out mostly becuz it seemed like the ONE thing i could have control over, so when i didn't, it made me crazy.

rest in Him an His timing. He never goofs up. He may seem slow in moving, but He is never late.

Kristine and John said...

Love the blog cute!

Hope that the paperwork is coming along and that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Kristine and John said...

Did you get stuck there? Would love to hear how things are going!